As a team we are able to assess every aspect of the production process, our goal is simple :
work with the best people, the best tools and be clever about how we make your film happen.

Having a proficient background in the visual effect industry we are in the position of being able to make the right choice when it comes of what should be shot
and what should be done in post-production.


We are able to act as a one stop shop where every aspect of the film making process will be assessed under one roof, resulting in a much simpler and effective experience for our customers.

We can also act as an executive production, putting our expertise in a specific part of the process at your service.




Our visual tehcniques and grammar are inspired by the film industry, so we naturally went for the RED ecosystem.

We believe in owning most of your tools, having the camera, lens, accessories around ready to shoot everyday allows us to get the most of them.

Things like how to fit a Red Epic in the tiniest surf underwater housing, remote controlling the camera from the surface in a pool shoot, fly it under a drone, a gimbal, or even shooting from a fighter jet are happening because we have access to the gear everyday.

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